Dissertation Time management as the key of success

Managing your time during dissertation writing process is extremely important to get everything ready on time. Allocating time to each section of your dissertation will help your work to be more organised and will bring better results at the end of the project. I decided to post an example of how to manage your time effectively to avoid unnecessary rush with your assessment.

  1. Planning. In the planning process the best is to analyse your options, dig into the topic, and finally get ready with your proposal. Approximate time for this section would be 10 hours of work.
  2. Creating dissertation proposal. This step, will make to undertake some key decisions about your dissertation. Research questions, types of the literature review, what kind of methodology for data collection, or significance of your study. Proposal could take around 8 – 12 hours.
  3. Approval of the proposal. Here you will have to contact with your supervisor about the quality of your proposal. You would like to get as much information about your done work as its possible. Time 2 hours + if required time for corrections 3-5 hours.
  4. Literature review. Choosing the appropriate literature for the project could be time consuming. It depends on your degree, however normally it would like around 2 hours.
  5. Examining and writing the literature review. This part is very time consuming and might be frustrating for some individuals. Usual time required can vary from 40 – 60 hours.
  6. Ethical Approval, is important to conduct your research. If at this stage you still do not have our ethical approval you should try to get as soon as possible.
  7. Data collection. This time you need to decide how and where you are going to receive your research data. Collection of the most relevant data might take between 120- 150 hours.
  8. Putting data into paper. After deciding your methodology and with all the data you need its time to put on the paper. Time – 30 hours
  9. Conclusion. Summing up your work and putting everything together might take the same time as well. Usually it can take between 10-20 hours
  10. Bidding and Printing. It is important to know where to print and bid your dissertation for as low price as possible. It usually takes between 24h and 2 working days.

As you can see dissertation process is manageable and it does not have to be very time consuming. It can all depends on how much you are going to be organized about it. I would strongly recommend to all students to compose their own timetable and get their job done without any major surprises.