Choosing a dissertation topic

Choosing a dissertation topic

Many general guidelines can be found in the literature or services offering help with choosing a dissertation topic. The most important fact is that, decision on your dissertation topic is the most important task the individual undertakes in the whole research process. In this post I am going to share with you some tips on how to choose the right research title for your project. However, it vital for you to remember that choosing dissertation topic is time consuming so take your time to think before your proposal is due.

Enjoy the topic

Dissertation is a long writing process, depending on what kind of course you doing usually for undergraduates it takes from 3 to 8 months, and usually written in the final year of study.

Postgraduates’ students tend to write their dissertation in three to four summer months between June and September. Depending of what dissertation topic, you will choose, some people enjoy the process of writing, however for the majority is a source of destruction and frustration in which is really hard to find any motivation to concentrate on finishing the project.
My best tip for you is to take your time choosing the dissertation topic, do not rush with it. Usually, students who chose the topic of their interests show more enthusiasm and have better results at the end. The problem of those from the other category is that they usually become bored of the topic very fast.

Frankly, the main issue then is that a dissertation topic should sustain the interest over the time of writing the project. Most students tend to hate the constructing process; therefore, they lose motivation. However, on the other hand if the interest has been retained, there is a big percentage of completing the dissertation successfully. Choosing a good dissertation topic should depend on your individual interests, skills and knowledge.

Do not rush with your topic selection

The biggest mistake the student can do is to choose the dissertation topic rapidly without deeper consideration. When choosing your topic, you should find out about the pedicures your department have according to the topic selection. Then take your time and consider some alternatives, do some research on the topic first to find out if there is easy access to the information.

Here are 5 easy steps for choosing your dissertation topic:

  1. Think about your interests, and which of those are related to your degree program
  2. Consider alternative topics
  3. Do research about chosen topics, check previous dissertations related to the subject, find if there is sufficient literature available
  4. Consult the topic with your supervisor
  5. Finally, and related to every previous step: take your time!