Writing Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is an essay where the writer has a stand on a particular issue. The writer then argues out why he has taken that stand while trying to convince the reader to join him. Persuasive essays need the writer to undertake adequate research. As a persuasive writer, you need to understand both sides of the story because when you are writing the essay you have to prove why your stand is correct and the reader’s stand is wrong. There are a few steps you need to follow when writing persuasive essays.

The first step is prewriting the persuasive essay. Here is where you do the research, choose a stand and look for the most influential piece of evidence. While you are at this, also ensure that you are aware of the opposing viewpoints.

Once you are done, think of the structure you are going to use while writing. The structure should be one that builds you a strong argument. Generally, there are about four paragraphs: the introduction where you get the reader hooked, the body which entails supporting evidence, the opposing paragraph which includes the opposing views and the conclusion which supports your opinion.

When you have these basic four paragraphs in mind, you can now draft your essay. As you are drafting, never assume your audience has adequate information. Instead, be the teacher and put down every single detail that you think is important.

Moving forward, you need to revise the essay. Ensure that you are satisfied completely with the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Test your essay by writing an opposing persuasive essay so as to see whether yours is strong enough to beat it.

After revision, it’s editing time. Get to clear the errors that may have come up concerning the mechanics and grammar. You may also need to improve on the clarity and style. You can call up a close friend to read it out loud as this will make you aware of any mistakes.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics for Writing Quality Essays

As a student, you will be required to write many essays in your college education. All this time, you have to come up with good persuasive essay topics to research on and write about to get the grades you need. These topics need to be able to be creative enough to persuade your professor as well as your audience that you know what you are writing about.

At times, it is not easy to find a good essay topic that is convincing enough to give you the grade you need. It takes time to do extensive research which will give you the topic you need, because at the end of the day you need to come up with a topic that is original, creative and one that interests you. Below are some topics that can inspire you to come up with a topic of your choice for your essay:

  • Going green
  • Internet privacy
  • Mobile and online business
  • Sports and steroids
  • Policies of immigration
  • Influence of media
  • Different types of addictions
  • Advances in cancer treatment
  • Team building in organizations
  • Sports betting
  • The morality of hacking
  • Animal testing
  • Cloud technology and its effect on storage
  • Ethics of euthanasia
  • Gun control laws
  • Space exploration
  • The effect of global warming on a person’s wellbeing
  • Nuclear programs: what are the implications?
  • What is the difference between western and eastern cultures?
  • Is it logical to outsource work to developing nations?
  • Poverty and how to help reduce it
  • Weight programs and their benefit
  • Are celebrities’ good role models?
  • How beneficial is social media to young teens?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for use as medicine?

Good persuasive essay topics like the ones above are ideal in revealing a given controversy and bringing out something new in the existing perception in life. Good topics can only be sourced from a professional writing service which has many years’ experience writing essays.